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Updated: Nov 17, 2021

This year collars are back in fashion: puppet models in Gucci, vintage style of Celine, velvet ribbons in Erdem, Pierrot style in Alberta Ferretti, hypertrophied design of the Tory Burch collection.

Why do nostalgic-looking collars claim to be extremely popular? Is it because they bring chic to the look? Or romanticize any dress you wear? And you can always change them quickly and go from the office to the party.

A little bit of history

We can find the answer in history. This is not the first time the collars have returned to fashion: lace rebates from Van Dyck's brush portraits were popular in America in the 1880s, and soft pointed ones, in the style of Lord Byron, were adapted by 1970s fashion. From the XVI century, the raff collars, composed of 30 meters of the finest muslin, were a symbol of high social status.

But the fashion for removable collars started in 1827 when a resident of the United States, Hannah Montague, one day decided to save on washing men's shirts. Since the collar was the dirtiest part of the shirt, Hannah simply separated it and sewed a clean one.

That’s how the era of removable collars started. Military tailors especially liked this invention. Removable collars as part of army uniforms have been adopted in many countries and have remained so for a long time.

In the early twentieth century, the Broadway started production of James Barry's fairy tale "Peter Pan". The actress Maud Adams took an active part in creating the image of her character and came up with the white turn-down collar as a detail of the costume of a "boy who didn’t want to grow up." Since then, these accessories became one of the main trends of these times.

Today they are popular again. Many famous couturiers use this detail in their collections. And it is not surprising, because they are able to change any outfit, make you look stylish and unique, and fit every piece of cloth - from a blouse or T-shirt to an evening dress.

How to wear collars

With the right styling approach, the collars can fit many different looks.

You can wear it with a vintage wide-sleeved blouse, a knit oversized cozy sweater, over a simple white T-shirt, put it on a colorful printed or plain black dress, jeans or even cyclists combined with a masculine shirt.

If you already have a dress or a shirt with a wide neck, you can use a collar as an alternative to the necklace or scarf. A great example is Lady Diana, who loved collars of any kind. In fact, Lady Diana was the first to become a follower and supporter of the "Peter Pan" collar that is now becoming popular again. By the way, the Princess of Wales loved dresses with various hypertrophied collars. Each of them always looked good and added uniqueness to her outlook.

We recommend having different kinds of collars in your collection, from plain ones to bright and printed collars of unusual shapes. The collar is also a great idea for a gift, as it suits every size and can show that you follow the fashion.

In our collection, we have a variety of collars for every taste. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

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