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5 Ideas for perfect Christmas Gifts

It’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas presents. Hopefully, we all will celebrate this Christmas with our family and loved ones. To make the choice of gifts easier for everyone, we made our list of our favorite ideas.

Pillows It’s a beautiful present that’s good for people of any gender and sex. When choosing a pillow for someone, try to consider the interior design preferences, favorite color, things these people like, places that make them happy. We recommend choosing individually-painted pillowcases so that this present can be unique.

Collars The collar is a fantastic Christmas gift, as it suits every size and outfit and can show that you follow the fashion. We recommend having different collars, from plain ones to bright and printed collars of unusual shapes. Read more about their history and how to wear them in our blog.

Dress Why not make a unique gift and choose a vintage or soft hand-loomed cotton dress for your loved ones? Our collection has dresses for all tastes, with trims and ribbon, hand-made embroidery, and an unusual combination of fabrics. You can get some inspiration by watching these movies we recommend.

Candles Candles are a perfect gift. They decorate the space, give positive emotions, help to tune in to the right wave during meditation or some festive celebration. Choose them with pure thoughts and an open heart. There are a great variety of beautiful candles.

Pijamas Everyone loves new pajamas as it’s good for wearing for sleep or at home. They are also a great Christmas gift, as they are very comfortable and cozy. A broad palette of colors and fabrics allows you to choose a pajama with the minimum of decorative elements or the one decorated with bows, ruffles, embroidery, and everything you like. Visit our website for more ideas

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Orangerie team!

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